Why are the lips swelled

Why swelling lips Lip

can acquire a swollen look for various reasons. So, it can be a common allergic reaction to food, plant pollen, animal wool or house dust. Also provoke the development of swelling can be an inflammatory process that began in the wound, cut, furuncula or pimpler on the face. In this case, swelling will be accompanied by pain sensations and spot purulent inflammation.

In addition to the lips on the face, women may have swelling and labia. It can be caused by poor hygiene, impaired vaginal microflora, or venereal disease.

The cause of lip swelling can be infectious or viral diseases, as well as oral diseases – stomatitis, herpes and ARVI. In the habit of biting the upper or lower lip, its delicate skin is subjected to constant tooth pressure, causing it to swelter and be covered with unaesthetic cracks. This is especially expressed on hot days or severe frost.

What to do with puffiness of lips

First of all you need to go to a medical institution – to a therapist or dermatologist. If it is impossible to do so soon, and lips begin to sore or sicken, you need to be able to give yourself first aid. To begin with, determine the cause of puffiness of the lips. Remember whether you have been in contact with allergens — the body’s hormonal background changes with age, so any cosmetic or household remedy can turn out to be such an allergen.

Pay special attention to the cracked lips, their bruises, wounds in the corner of the mouth or viral diseases that will help you diagnose the problem yourself.

If swelling is small and does not cause discomfort, do not hurry to ingest medication. Otherwise, it is advisable to take antihistamines or grease the lips with a suitable antiseptic agent. If nothing helps, consult your doctor, listing all the measures you have taken. Based on this and his primary examination, the doctor will refer you to a narrower focus specialist.

Be prepared to take a series of laboratory tests to refine the diagnosis. If the labia puffiness, you will be sent to a gynecologist who will take the necessary smears and secrete the infection that provoked swelling. After prescribing treatment, carefully comply with all the prescriptions of the doctor, since the self-withdrawal of medications is possible relapse of the disease, as well as the development of various complications.

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