Why are hands regularly cold


If you notice your limbs are constantly cold – this is a serious reason to visit a doctor. Experts found out that legs and hands lollify very often due to spasm in small capillaries. In turn, blood stops coming in the necessary quantity. The bottom line is cold limbs. In addition, a variety of diseases can serve as a cause.

Iron deficiency anemia is a shortage of such trace element in the body as iron. As a result, a person quickly expends heat and freezes.

In vegeto-vascular dystonia, there is a disorderly contraction of capillaries, resulting in impaired blood flow to tissues and organs. As a result, the legs and arms are permanently cool.

Also the symptoms of this disease can be included: palpitations, drowsiness, headache, diffuse.

Thyroid disease. In case of disorders in the thyroid gland, insufficient amounts of hormones are released. The body lacks energy, and limbs begin to freeze.

Diets are also often the cause of cold arm limbs. Women debilitate themselves with strict dietary restrictions. Start eating food low in fats. The body in this case does not get enough carbohydrates, fats and proteins. When optimal functioning of the organism is disturbed, there are failures in the process of thermoregulation. This is why legs and arms can be cold.

The presence of cold feet and hands can also be associated with the reception of special medicines, immune diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and heart. That’s why you shouldn’t in any way delay going to the doctor.

Cold hands in a child

If the child has cold hands it can mean that he or she is either sick or frozen. If it has lethargy and elevated body temperature, most likely it is flu or ARZ. Immediately after recovery this problem will pass.

In infants, cold hands should not be of particular concern. Thermoregulation of breast babies is weak, so palms can stay cool even in heat. But if the child becomes inactive, drowsy and eats poorly, it is worth seeing the doctor immediately.
Useful recommendations

If you want your hands to keep warm, experts recommend:

1. Don’t forget to eat properly. There should always be hot entrees in your diet. Also well warms and improves blood circulation ginger tea.

2. Charging. The morning should start with a light warm-up. It will help the body get in touch.

3. Dress up by the weather. Don’t forget to wear headdress and gloves in winter. Don’t wear cramped clothes and shoes. It makes it difficult to get blood to the tissues.

4. Don’t smoke. Remember: every tightening occurs a natural spasm of small capillaries. As a result, the circulation of the limbs is impaired.

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