Where and when abortion

Termination of pregnancy – The risk

of terminating pregnancy always carries risk. Bleeding, inflammation due to the infection, violation of the integrity of the uterus can occur. It is recommended to hold the event early in pregnancy (up to 5 weeks) because the fetal egg and uterine cavity are small in size. In this case, the recovery period of the woman will pass quickly and less risk of harm to health.


On small terms, mini-abortions or vacuum-aspirations are performed. The method of sucking the fetal egg from the uterine cavity using a pump is used. This method is sparing because it does not injure the walls of the uterus. Prior to the application of vacuum technology, an old method was used – scraping the contents of the uterus with a curette. The sooner a woman goes to a gynaecologist and has an abortion, the less risk she will then remain infertile.

Mini-abortions are not carried out if the fetal egg is firmly embedded in the uterine wall, in which case it is necessary to scrape the contents in other ways.

If the woman suspected that she was expecting a child, you should immediately go to the gynecologist. He will carry out an ultrasound, take tests and accurately establish the pregnancy. If a woman does not want to give birth, then she must quickly decide for an abortion. A number of tests are taken before this procedure.

Where abortion

is performed only in hospitals and in family planning centers.$ Private clinics do not have the right to provide this service. If the term is more than 9 weeks, it is possible to terminate the pregnancy only by surgical means. This entails the likelihood of severe bleeding, infection and complications. At the request of the woman, abortion can be performed for periods of up to 12 weeks, for medical reasons and with the consent of the woman – at all terms of pregnancy.

Every woman has the right to decide on her own whether or not she wants to have a child. Her decision the doctor is obliged to keep secret.

Professional doctors perform abortions without harm to health. In one case there may be problems out of a hundred. It is better not to use the services of clandestine clinics. Abortion should be carried out in conditions of complete sterility, and such questionable clinics cannot guarantee it. If scraping was used, then it was very likely that the woman would not be able to conceive or bear the child because the uterine tissue began to have a different structure.

After an abortion, one should abstain from sexual relations for at least three weeks. After this term, the girl may become pregnant again if there was unprotected sexual intercourse.

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