When should a mammogram be done?

Frequency of conduct

There are several conditions under which mammography will give the right efficacy. The procedure must be performed during the period from 5 to 12 day of the menstruation cycle, because during this period the breast is the least painful to perform it. Women who have entered menopause can perform the procedure at any convenient time.

The procedure should be performed once a year for women from 35 to 40 years, but with special testimony from the attending doctor, the procedure may be performed earlier if the doctor suspects the presence of a tumor education or other changes in breast structure.$ However, usually a mammogram is not mandatory until the age of 35. At the same time, mammologists recommend women over 40 to perform the procedure at least 2 times a year due to increased risk of breast cancer tumors. All scans of previous procedures should be saved as they may be useful for making a possible diagnosis in the future.


mammography is performed with small compression of the breast using special slats to obtain the most reliable result. Afterwards, the mammographer takes a breast snapshot, which is done similarly to X-ray. The images are produced in two projections to more accurately determine the diagnosis and location of the neoplasm. Mammography is performed for two mammary glands, allowing the determination of changes in tissues, possible seals or thickenings in the glands.

Today, there is also a digital mammogram, which is not used in all clinics due to the high cost of equipment. The virtues of digital mammography include the relatively small radiation a woman receives during the procedure. The digital technique also allows you to get a more accurate result and will help the attending physician to prescribe suitable treatment. The contraindications of the procedure include pregnancy and lactation period due to the threat of exposure to the fetus.

The quality of the study obtained during mammography depends on the equipment used, as well as on the qualifications of the radiologist and his assistant laboratory assistant. The mammogram shows the structure of the breast gland, all sorts of seals and pathological foci, which are classified by their number, mass, shape and possible consistency.

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