What to do in hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids is a disease of the veins of the rectum, with varicose nodes forming in the anal zone, which may not disturb the patient for a long time. When the disease worsens, nodes fall outward, anal pain begins, thrombosis and bleeding can develop. Blood stasis in vessels, reduced vascular wall tone and increased pelvic pressure can cause the development of hemorrhoidal nodes.

Normalization of the chair

So what to do if he crawled out hemorrhoids and hurts a lot? It is necessary to achieve free and soft bowel work. After all, the owners of hemorrhoids become people suffering from frequent constipation. Solid cal will only worsen the case by passing through the inflamed area. Include as much fibrous food in the diet as possible, drink plenty of liquid. After that, the chair should become softer. Exclude alcohol, spicy meals and coffee. The products listed contribute to the worsening of the disease. Every time before going to the toilet, grease the back aisle with Vaseline. Be sure to seek advice and help from a proctologist to avoid negative consequences.

Toilet paper should be soft. Buy only white paper, colored contains irritating chemicals.

Medical treatment of hemorrhoids

After each defecation, it is recommended to be washed with cool water. In the initial stages it is preferable to use conservative treatments: candles, ointments and sedentary baths. A special ointment lubricates fallen hemorrhoidal nodes. The following ointments are particularly popular: “Reliph”, “Proctoglivenol”, “Proctosedil”. A doctor may prescribe tablets to normalize vascular wall tone: “Ascorutin”, “Detralex”, or “Nicoshpan”.

In hemorrhoids, you cannot exercise and lift weights. The nodes can cause severe itching, do not give in to the urge to scratch, you can damage the walls of the vessels and only worsen the condition.

People’s ways of treating hemorrhoids

The antihemorrhoidal candles can be successfully replaced with local drugs, $ cooked at home. The easiest to make are candles made from raw potatoes. To do this, you need to take the root, wash and clean from the peel. Cut a small piece from the tuber, which resembles a candle in shape. Grease with honey and insert into the anal hole.

Candles prepared according to the following recipe have a good therapeutic recipe. Take 100 grams of beeswax and 25 grams of pine livesice, mix and put on a water bath until the ingredients dissolve. Remove the dishes from the heat and add to the composition two tablespoons of alcohol-infused propolis, one tablespoon of rosehip oil and sea buckthorn. Stir well and allow to cool a little. Wash your hands thoroughly, start sculpting suppositories. Insert candles every time before bedtime. This folk recipe will help to get rid of hemorrhoids (with regular use).

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