What is cough

Cough is a reflex action caused by irritation of the mucous hymen of the airway as a result of malfunctioning of various human organs or systems. Causes of coughing may be:
– inflammatory respiratory processes,
– spasms of individual organs,
– colds or viruses,
– heart lesions,
– allergies.

Cough varieties

are divided into several categories: dry and wet. Dry cough is called unproductive, as it does not contribute to the removal of phlegm from the body. Wet or productive cough removes the accumulated mucus from the body through expectorization, the patient stops coughing when the acute phase of the disease passes.

Also cough is time-differentiable. Distinguish between morning, evening and night coughs. Morning is a consequence of chronic manifestations of inflammatory processes of the upper respiratory tract. Evening, as well as morning, is typical mainly for smokers. Night cough is most typical for colds.

Cough happens:
– single,
– attack,
– acute,
– chronic.

Evening bouts of coughing can be a consequence of stress.

A single cough is caused by ingestion of odors, which are respiratory stimuli, into the mucous nasal mucosa. Art-like is observed in bronchial asthma, and acute can be caused by viruses or bacterial infections. Chronic cough is the result of a chronic disease such as bronchitis.

There is a barking, convulsive, physiological coughing and crippling. Barking cough is typical in whooping cough, bronchitis, pneumonia and laryngitis. A convulsive cough, which occurs predominantly at night, leads to vomiting. Physiological cough is not a symptom of any disease. It can be caused by the inhalation of exhaust gases, tobacco smoke, dust or chemicals. Casting is observed in irritation of the upper respiratory tract.

Causes of

occurrence Causes of occurrence of attacks can serve various microbes, bacteria, infections that enter the airway by air-drip. Usually cough occurs in cold, hypothermia, various inflammation of the throat, bronchi, lungs.

Cough can also be a consequence of weak functioning of the body’s immune system, allergic reaction, stress or smoking.

The cough can be caused by heart failure. Thus, when blood stasis in the pulmonary vessels of the left ventricle of the heart appears cough along with shortness of breath.

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