What is affected by thyroid work

Along with pituitary gland, epiphysis and adrenal glands, thyroid refers to the glands of internal secretion. All these glands release into the blood biologically active substances regulating the operation of organs — hormones.

What are affected by thyroid hormones thyroid

hormones affect cell mitochondria, controlling oxidation processes and metabolism, so the work of this organ affects human growth and development. Puberty and the normal functioning of the reproductive system also depend on the thyroid gland.

To produce thyroid hormones, iodine is needed. In the absence of this trace element, the gland tissue sprawls, but the secretion of hormones from this does not increase.

What happens when thyroid hormones are overproduced with excessive thyroid

hormones production in an adult developing basedova disease. Oxidation processes in such patients occur too intensively, so the disease is manifested by enhanced heart work, increased body temperature. External signs of Bazeda-disease – thin, released eyes. Mental abilities do not suffer, but patients may be distinguished by increased excitability.

Treatment of Baseda Disease

Treatment of Baseda disease aims to reduce thyroid activity. The drugs use radioactive iodine, disabling part of thyroid cells, or resort to prompt removal of part of the endocrine organ. After that, the production of hormones decreases, and manifestations of the disease recede.

Lack of thyroid hormones — myxedema

Insufficient functioning of the thyroid gland leads to myxedema — mucous edema. Oxidation processes proceed sluggishly, the heart works poorly, which often causes swelling of the legs. Subjectively, a myxedema sufferers feel lethargy, weakness and drowsiness.

In myxedema, inhibition processes in the nervous system prevail over excitation processes.

What is dangerous lack of endocrine hormones in children

Especially serious consequences from lack of thyroid hormones can occur in children. They have impaired growth in length, and in width they grow normally, resulting in distortion of body proportions. This endocrine disease, which goes by the name of “cretinism”, is accompanied by the child’s dramatic physical and mental backlog.

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