What is a coronavirus

Coronaviruses is a separate family of pathogens that possess only a genome. The latter for a successful existence needs to find a living cell and implement it. The owner of this cell will become the miserable who will be struck by the virus. The crowned villain received his name for his form – its surface is dotted with curbs, reminiscent of the barbs of the monarch crowning.

All these general information does not disprove the panic rumors that first the Chinese will die from coronavirus, and then all other peoples take turns that it can be infected by buying on the market Chinese rubber slippers that this muck we threw with Nibiru. By the way, the virus is embedded in the cell, and suddenly this contagion of us into bloodthirsty lilac monsters will turn us?

To defeat information infection and prevent coronavirus from entering the body will help scientific facts and knowledge of safety rules.

What we know about him

Coronaviruses were first described in 1965. Like the related flu, these viruses mutate, so there is always a risk of a new dangerous strain against which there are no specific vaccines. Due to the fact that this infection is not an independent biological organism, there is no cure against it. Protect only immunity – the ability of the body to recognize the enemy and not let it inside its own cells. Modern medicine against viruses uses vaccines – instilling immunity in advance.

In China, 2019-NCoV is now rampant. It was discovered as early as last year when examining a man admitted to hospital with pneumonia. The type of virus was similar to those with bats. It was hypothesized that this case was isolated, and it was late to develop the vaccine. For the inoculation to work, it must be done months before the epidemic begins. This year recorded cases of transmission of the disease from person to person.

Whether this contagion is fatal

More than 30 people who were found to have coronavirus 2019-NCoV are discharged from hospitals today due to full recovery. Doctors provide patients with general and supportive therapy, allowing them to survive the crisis. The latest discovery by Chinese medics was the rescue of those whose disease has moved into the pneumonia stage with the help of oxygen.

An ailment is not incurable, it will not kill all of humanity, we will all not die. To ensure my latest prognosis is guaranteed to come true, don’t panic, but use verified information and keep an eye on health.

As transmitted

To exist, the virus needs living cells. Coronavirus 2019-NCoV affects both the human body and fauna representatives. It has been proven in snakes and bats that live in China. They are probably the source of the infection. Infection is transmitted:

  1. air-drip from humans to humans;
  2. through the esophagus when eating raw, or semi-raw meat of a sick animal.

It is

possible to pick up the contagion from the surface of the object only if this thing was recently held in hands by a sick person, and on it there were microparticles of mucus from the mouth and nose containing the virus. To pick up the infection by getting an order with Aliexpress is impossible – the parcel goes too long for the coronavirus to survive and be dangerous. All cases of diseases outside China were observed in people who visited China and came in contact with patients.

Symptoms of coronavirus

The onset of the disease is no different from typical ARVI. After an incubation period that lasts about a week, the disease makes itself aware. The victim feels:

  1. heat and fever, body temperature rises;
  2. cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat;
  3. strength decline, dizziness;
  4. intestinal problems .

If the patient ignores the malaise, or tries to be treated by popular means, fundamentally refusing the help of professionals, then he is very much at risk. Problems with the respiratory system are rapidly flowing into pneumonia, which has already been responsible for several dozen deaths. Not coronavirus, but inattention to one’s health is fatal.

Prevention The

2020 China Epidemic forced local authorities to declare quarantine. It is advisable not to plan trips to China in the near future. If you, your friends, or acquaintances recently arrived from there, decide on self-activity – independently organize quarantine. It is better for 2 weeks to sit at home, watch movies and learn Chinese literacy than to become a messenger of a dangerous virus.

Follow hygiene rules, wash your hands after returning from the street. Give up meat that has not passed heat treatment, exclude products of questionable origin from the diet. This will help protect against a wide range of diseases. The gauze bandage is only relevant if there is a need for several hours to be in the same room with potential carriers of infection. In the fresh air there is no proka from it, and long-term use of this accessory is harmful – the tissue is impregnated with the secretions of the host mucosa and becomes a breeding ground for pathogens. Don’t pay for the quack funds that dispense for the medicine, or the vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus. Be attentive to the wellness of yourself and your loved ones, in the slightest malaise contact doctors.

Be healthy!

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