What drugs now sell on prescription

Under the ban are drugs, which include codeine – a drug close to morphine in nature. But, unlike the recognized “narcotic” drug, the alkaloid has less pronounced painkiller properties, contributes less to the inhibition of GI activity and does not depress breathing. Codeine has a remarkable ability to block coughs.

The drug properties of codeine have long been known. In the long-term use of drugs containing this alkaloid in its composition, the person has a persistent addictiveness (as well as other drugs of the opiate group). Dangerous and high doses of such medicines can occur, euphoria or severe poisoning of the body, accompanied by nausea, arousal, severe headaches.

From codeine-containing drugs are extracted an alkaloid, from which heavy but cheap drugs such as desomorphine are manufactured. The body gets used to it from the first time. The use of desomorphine leads to inflammation of the veins and rapid deadening of the tissues. The man starts to rot.

In order to cut off access to cheap raw materials for the production of drugs, since the first of June, codeine-containing drugs are banned in the free sale. These include, for example, “Kodelak”, “Nurofen+”, “Kaffetin”, “Solpadein”, “Pentalgin-N”, etc. Now, to purchase an analgesic or codeine-based cough medicine from the pharmacy, you need to contact a therapist for a prescription at the district polyclinic.

Experts in the field of pharmacology and health care believe that these drugs are now sold on prescription, no one will suffer. Therapists will not fix obstacles to obtaining the necessary permission. Similar drugs without codeine will also be offered. Professionals advise in general to try to abandon this type of medication, because they do not have treatment properties, but simply buy pain and cough for time.

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