Useful properties and application of fig

Useful properties and application of figs

Fruits of figs are rich in sugar, pectin, proteins, fats, carotene, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper, anthocyanic glycosides, apple, lemon, pantothenic and folic acids, as well as vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, PP.

Fig is used as an anti-inflammatory, laxative, diuretic and expectorant. It is able to lower cholesterol in the blood, and its omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are important for normal cardiovascular and nervous system operation. In addition, the benefit of figs in the treatment of digestive diseases and chronic constipation is undeniable. From the kidneys of figs are prepared preparations for the treatment of gastritis, from the juice of the bark – painkillers.

Traditional medicine recipes

To prepare a decoction from fig fruits to help cure angina, stomatitis and hoarseness of voice, 1 tablespoon crushed dried Pour the raw materials with 2 cups of boiling water, boil over low heat for 10 minutes, cool, strain and take 100 grams 3-4 times a day.

This remedy has sweatening and antipyretic effect.

For preparation of a therapeutic agent from figs, useful in dry and chronic cough, whooping cough, kidney diseases and gastritis, 2 tablespoons Boil the crushed fig fruit in 200 millilitres of milk, clean everything to a cashite-like state and take 100 grams 3 times a day.

This remedy can also be used externally in the form of compresses in the treatment of gaffes and purulent diseases.

Remove stones from kidneys and relieve pain when urinating will help aqueous fig solution: 5 fig fruits pour 1 cup boiling water, cook about 5 minutes on low heat, disperse and take 1 teaspoon between meals.

To prepare a fig based healing agent that helps with the treatment of vitiligo and nest molestimony, pour 2 tablespoons of crushed raw materials with 2 cups of boiling water. Leave for 1 hour, strain and take 4 times a day for 100 grams before each meal.

Contraindications to the consumption of figs

It is strictly forbidden to use figs based on people suffering from inflammatory diseases of the digestive system, $ diabetes, gout, salt metabolic disorders and obesity.$ In addition, figs are contraindicated in pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

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