Treatment of spinal cyphosis;

In most cases, bowel kyphosis (Scheyerman—Mau disease) occurs in children during the period of intense growth of the body — from 11 to 15 years. In addition to aesthetic discomfort, kyphosis can cause great physical inconvenience and even cause dramatic deterioration in health, lead to disability. Therefore, it needs to be treated.

Types of spinal kyphosis

Depending on which particular section of the vertebral column is curved, distinguish between cyphosis of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. In addition, kyphosis can be physiological — if the bend aligns when the patient lies on a hard surface, and pathological (if the spine is curved so strongly that the bend in this case does not align).

Treatment of spinal kyphosis

In the arsenal of doctors many methods of treatment of kyphosis. These are drug therapy, manual therapy (massage), therapeutic physical education, supporting corsets, as well as surgery.

Medicines are used if kyphosis causes the patient pain. In very severe pain, a doctor can prescribe non-steroidal drugs that have not only effective painkiller, but also anti-inflammatory effects.

Massage, especially carried out by an experienced qualified professional, helps eliminate pain syndrome, correct disturbed posture and restore muscle tone. It is advisable to make sure of the qualification of the specialist manual, to get acquainted with the feedback of his patients.

Some patients experience pain after the end of the massage procedure, but it passes quickly and wellbeing improves markedly.

Therapeutic physical education brings effect only with regular and long-term use. The most useful frequent torso tilts forward, as well as towards the “high shoulder”, hanging on the turnround. Behind the crossbar of the tunnel it is necessary to hold the hand, the blade of which is below normal.

It is necessary to hang motionless, without swinging, until there is pain in muscles and ligaments.

To relieve pain and prevent the progression of kyphosis, the wearing of corsets is prescribed. Each corset is selected individually, depending on the characteristics of the patient’s physique.

If the disease progresses persistently and causes severe suffering, it is necessary to resort to surgery. Typically, it is carried out in two stages. First eliminate contortion, and then stabilize the spine in the correct position with special plates, screws and rods.

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