Slimming fragrances

1. The aromas of many spices and spices soothe the nervous system, but do not cause salivation. It has long been observed that the smells of vanilla, cinnamon, fennel, anise, mint, lemon and orange zest can reduce appetite and prevent overeating. These aromas need to be inhaled before eating and eating; you should inhale deeply, three times alternately each nostral, while clamping the other finger. If spices are small or ground, it is necessary to protect yourself from the entry of small particles into the airway – for example, put spices in a canvas bag; you can also brew them with boiling water and insist 5-10 minutes; you can make an inhaler.

2. Aromatic oils will also help reduce appetite. Essential oils of nutmeg, citrus, rosemary, juniper, pine, cypress should be sniffed before eating for 5-10 minutes. And just before the meal, it is necessary several times to deeply inhale the aroma of those dishes that you are going to eat, so that the brain has already started to receive signals about saturation. Important condition: to be fragrant, food must be hot; cold dishes have a much less pronounced smell, so people are combined with snacks, salads and sandwiches.

3. Scientists at one of Chicago’s medical centers have deduced a formula for a unique odor that can significantly reduce appetite. You need to take a small slice of banana and green apple, a pinch of peppermint and vanilla. Grind it all and warm up on a frying pan; a little vegetable oil can be added. Next is to inhale vapors of this mixture at the first signs of hunger. Appetite will decrease markedly or even disappear altogether.

4. The magical plant fennel (sweet dill) has been used in medicine since ancient times — for example, Hippocrates and Avicenna. Fennel is widely used in dietary nutrition, and its essential oil perfectly suppresses feelings of hunger. Fennel perfectly cleanses the body of slags and toxins, has a slight diuretic and laxative effect, treats constipation, flatulence and nausea. To reduce appetite, fennel can be eaten and sniffed.

5. Aromatic diet for weight loss, or rather, anti-aromatic. Its main principle is to combine in one dish as few different flavors and flavors as possible. Generally, the fewer foods will be mixed in a single meal, the better. In fact, it is an analogue of the mono-diet, when one product is taken as the basis of nutrition on each particular day, and several others are added to it. For example, if spinach is chosen as the main product of the day, the menu can be approximately as follows: breakfast — scrambled eggs, croutons and fresh spinach salad; lunch — boiled chicken or turkey and stewed spinach; dinner — spaghetti with spinach and cheese. As the main product you can choose both vegetables and fruits, meat, fish, chicken.

6. An aromatic bath instead of dinner is the perfect way to lose weight. To this end, good use essential oils of lemon, geranium and rosemary (2 drops); rosemary, fennel, cypress (2 drops), etc. Soothing aromas of oils will help to forget about food and bring the suffering from diet to a comfortable state.

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