Separate food pros


The main reason is that your digestive tract will work as scheduled. When eating non-combined foods, we do not think that this food is transformed into a mass settling in the body in the form of slags. These slags are poorly excreted from the body and remain in it for many years.


As a result of separate meals extra pounds go away, there is a sense of freshness and lightness. Disappears drowsiness and weakness. Constipation, bloating and heartburn are receding.


When eating separately, a person understands the taste of a particular product they eat, rather than the mixed taste of a set of different ingredients. Eating properly, you will start eating less and less food, because it will become better digestible and saturation will come faster.


Large amounts in a diet of fresh plant-based food will improve your health. You will forget about excess weight, the skin of the face will give rise to an even healthy color.

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