“Regidron”: Application Instruction

Indications for the purpose of “Regidron”

“Regidron” is able to restore in the body water-electrolyte equilibrium, which appears when the body is dehydrated. It is used for electrolyte balance correction. It is prescribed in combination with other drugs for acute diarrhea, for thermal lesions caused by water – electrolyte metabolism disorders, as a preventive agent for water -$ electrolyte equilibrium at loads accompanied by significant sweating.

Instructions for the use of “Regidron”

“Regidron” are taken regardless of when the meal was. Before application it is necessary to dissolve the contents of the package in 1 liter of boiled water at room temperature. Sugar and other components cannot be added to the solution. “Regidron” is prescribed for diarrhea of 50-100 ml solution every three to five minutes for half an hour. In thermal convulsions, “Regidron” is taken in quantities of 500 to 900 milliliters of 100-150 milliliters solution for half an hour. Then every 40 minutes you need to repeat the drug in the same amount until the symptoms of dehydration disappear.

As a preventive agent with significant physical and thermal loads “Regidron” is taken at the manifestation of thirst by small sips, as it quenches the intake drugs stop. Young children and newborns “Regidron” are given 1-2 tspoons for 4-6 hours every 5-10 min. The approximate volume of the solution is 80-100 ml/kg/day. It needs to be taken before diarrhoea symptoms stop.

Excess of the specified doses of “Regidron” is possible only after investigation of the electrolyte composition of blood.

Side actions and contraindications to the use of “Regidron”

During the use of “Regidron” no side actions have been identified. However, if when taking the drug appears drowsiness, cessation of urination, disorientation, fever, blood appears in the stool and if diarrhea does not stop 5 days, it is necessary immediately see a doctor. “Regidron” is contraindicated to use in disorders of kidney function, intestinal obstruction, unconscious state, diabetes mellitus and hypersensitivity to the drug.

“ Regidron” should be stored at a temperature of 15 to 25oC. Shelf life of the drug – 3 years. The solution of “Regidron” is stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2 to 8oC during the day.

“ Regidron” should be administered with caution to people with diseases causing impaired potassium excretion, as they may develop hyperkalemia. Data on safe use of “Regidron” in women during pregnancy and lactation are not available.

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