Recommended patient behaviour

There is no person who wouldn’t lie down in a hospital. It’s better to stay healthy – everyone knows that. But if you’re in hospital, the following tips will help you better survive this mini-stress.

Know that you are a relative. While you are confined to a hospital bed, relatives are constantly in touch with your attending doctor. They know all the details of your condition.

If you know in advance that you have to go to the hospital on a certain day, prepare yourself accordingly. Take a linen in which it will be convenient to be in the ward. If you like reading, bring some books with you. You shouldn’t type too many things with you.

Being in the ward, be nonverbose about your personal life. Remember the main thing: ward neighbors are not your neighbors in life. It is possible that, once you leave the hospital, you will never see these people again.

Don’t delve into every neighbor’s health issues. Remember that the most important issue is your health and the cause that led to a hospital bed.

Strictly comply with all the prescriptions of the attending physician. All unpleasant sensations should be immediately informed to your doctor. If you have allergies to some medications, you should notify the doctor who deals with your health.

Be sure to bring with you to the hospital a means of communication (cell phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop) and a charger to it. This is necessary to keep in touch with your family, as well as to alert if suddenly you need a medication that is not available in a medical facility.

By complying with these uncunning rules you can much better survive the stress that comes to each person when they get into a hospital bed.

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