“Polyginax”: Application Instruction

Instructions for the use of “Polyginax”

“Polyginax” is issued as vaginal capsules and candles containing the active substances neomycin, nystatin, polymyxin B. Nystatin has an antifungal effect, it is effective against Candida fungi. “Polyginax” is prescribed on indications for the treatment of infections and inflammation caused by microorganisms.

It is used for non-specific, fungal and mixed vaginitis, vulvovaginites, cervikovaginites, for prevention of infectious complications before surgery interventions, before intrauterine diagnostic procedures, before childbirth. In the treatment of thrush “Polyginax” is combined with ingestion of antifungal drugs.

Neomycin and polymyxin B, which are part of “Polyginax”, are effective against a large number of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, except streptococci and anaerobic microorganisms.

To enter “Polyginax”, you must lie on your back and introduce a capsule or candle deep into the vagina. They need to be put in the evening before bedtime. The duration of treatment is 12 days. As a prevention, the course is shown within 6 days. The timing of the use of “Polyginax” is limited to prevent the formation of resistance to the drug of pathogens and thus prevent re-infection.

For the duration of treatment “Polyginax” it is recommended to refrain from sex, as unprotected sexual contact will lead to repeated infection, and when using a latex condom, the drug could violate its integrity. In the detection of the disease in a woman, treatment is necessary for both sex partners. Men in such cases are prescribed an ointment or cream with a similar effect. At the time of menstruation the course of therapy is not necessary, but the action of “Polyginax” will be less effective, so treatment is recommended to start after its end.

Contraindications to use, side effects of “Polyginax”

No cases of drug overdose have been detected. The use of “Polyginax” is contraindicated to pregnant women in the 1st trimester. In II and III trimesters, “Polyginax” is used only as prescribed by the doctor and if the therapeutic benefit of the drug for the mother is higher than the risk for the child. When using the drug during lactation, breastfeeding should be stopped.

Before prescribing and applying “Polyginax” requires taking a smear to carry out bacteriological analysis.

During treatment “Polyginax” allergic reactions are possible: itching, burning, irritation in the vagina, severe redness of the skin may appear; long-term use may be the appearance of side actions characteristic of taking antibiotics.

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