Micronutrients and weight loss products


He doesn’t come first for nothing. Calcium is responsible for metabolism between cells. If it is enough in the body, the metabolism occurs quickly, as a result, the person loses weight more easily. In addition, it is responsible for the nervous system – and notoriously stressed the best helper of fat deposits. The easiest calcium is absorbed in combination with phosphorus and vitamin D, i.e. from dairy products. 400-600 ml of milk, kefir or yogurt per day is sufficient for daily consumption. It’s better if the fatness of these foods is 1.5-2.5%.


The second most important element, because it normalizes the saturation of blood with oxygen. In the absence of oxygen, metabolism in the body is also disrupted. Iron is found in many fruits, but besides that it is necessary 1-2 times a week to eat chicken, turkey or liver.


In poor thyroid performance, all processes in the body are slowed down, including weight loss. Eat sea cabbage, fish, milk, eggs and do not forget about vitamin complexes with iodine content.


Sodium and potassium.
They are engaged in regulating water balance in the body. When they are scarce, there is a tendency to swelling. And, basically, sodium in our body is always in excess, but potassium is always lacking. Because of this, water-salt metabolism is disrupted and all processes slow down at the cellular level. Eat potatoes brewed “in a mundir,” legumes, eggs, apricots and apricots. For the daily sodium norm, 1 tsp of salt per day is sufficient.


Its shortage leads to disruption of carbohydrate metabolism, i.e., an increase in the layer of fat tissue in the body. Lots of zinc in beef liver, eggs and fish.


Magnesium is a builder of muscle tissue. And the bigger it is, the faster the body loses calories. It also participates in the activity of our nervous system and normalizes digestion, which is also very important for weight loss. A lot of it in pumpkin and sunflower seeds, legumes and nuts. But it should be borne in mind that it is absorbed only in the company with vitamin B6, which is much in tuna, buckwheat and rice.

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