Methods of prevention of haymoritis (sinusitis)

Main symptoms of gaimoritis (sinusitis): nasal congestion for a long time, deterioration of smell and taste, discharge from the nose (mucous or purulent). There may also be painful sensations in the area of the quaymorous sinuses, sometimes covering the entire area of the head.

What causes haymoritis, and how to treat it

In most cases, haymoritis develops as a consequence of the suffered bacterial or viral infection, against the background of weakened immunity. In some cases, the cause of the disease may be congenital nasopharyngeal pathology, due to which the exits from the nasal sinuses are severely narrowed, as well as swelling of the nasal mucosa as a result of suffered injuries and diseases.

After confirmation of the diagnosis of haymoritis by the doctor’s appointment, it is necessary to use drops and sprays that reduce nasal congestion, painkillers and antihistamines, and when the need for antibiotics. It is possible to resort to physical procedures, such as UHF warming of the nasal sinuses.

If a person who is ill with haymoritis smokes, he should give up this habit at least for the period of treatment. The consumption of alcoholic beverages should also be stopped or at least minimized.

If the said treatment does not lead to an improvement in wellbeing, surgery is necessary. Inflamed sinuses puncture, remove pus, then rinse with disinfectant solution.

Measures of prevention of haymoritis

Required condition of occurrence of haymoritis – accumulation of bacteria in the nasal cavity. Therefore, for prevention it is recommended to rinse your nose every day with some disinfectant, such as infusion of chamomile, marigold.

For this purpose, a weak (poor pink color) solution of manganese or water with a few drops of alcoholic iodine solution will also be suitable.

Immunity enhancement measures play an important role in the prevention of haymoritis: general hardening, physical education, outdoor walks, $ proper nutrition, full sleep. It is recommended to take preparations of ginseng, Eleutherococcus.

Prevention measures also include timely and complete cure of diseases against which may develop hymoritis – ARZ, ARVI, influenza. It is also recommended to undergo regular examination with the dentist, as sick teeth are the source of infection in the oral cavity, and from there it can easily get into the nasal sinuses.

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