Menu at Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet is one of the spares: it is allowed to eat, however, in limited quantities, nuts, dairy products and some others, and the amount of meat, fish, seafood, mushrooms, eggs, salad vegetables are not limited. In this diet there are no strict limits on fat content in dishes recipes. Such a diet stimulates the production of the right amount of “natural antidepressants” – adrenaline and growth hormone, which help carry over the period of restriction in eating.

The Atkins diet includes two phases. The first phase lasts two weeks and helps rebuild metabolism, with the body beginning to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. The second phase of the diet should continue for the rest of your life, with the result fixed, and excess weight does not return after a month as after other diets. The Atkins diet has contraindications: it is not suitable for people who have diabetes or have high cholesterol. It cannot be observed by women during pregnancy and lactation.

During Atkins’ diet, a person gets rid of cravings for flour and sweet, blood normalizes sugar levels, and the right weight will be easily maintained.

Atkins Diet Menu: Breakfast

Menu when Dieting Atkins takes into account the rules and recommendations of this eating regime. It is approximately 1200 calories per day, the amount of carbohydrates is 15-20 g. During adherence to the diet, it is necessary to adhere

For breakfast, eat the same foods. Be sure to drink 1 cup of room temperature water daily for 10 minutes of food. As a drink you can choose tea, coffee. Instead of sugar sand, you need to use fructose or a special sweetener. Several tablespoons of low-fat milk (up to 0.5%) can be added to coffee occasionally. It is allowed to eat one serving of low-fat yogurt or some low-fat curd for breakfast. Before lunch, if there is a feeling of hunger, you can drink green tea. After 3 hours after breakfast, eat any fruit: apple, pear, orange or 5 small plums.

Atkins Diet Menu: Lunch

is needed 2 hours after the second breakfast. For 10 minutes before the meal, drink a glass of room temperature water.
For lunch choose one of the options:
I option:
– 100 grams of baked veal without oil and salt
– 2 tablespoons boiled wild rice, can with soy sauce
– a little lettuce of green lettuce and fresh cucumbers with olive-lemon dressing, you can add a little black ground pepper.
II option:
– 250 g of ears,
– several pieces of black bread,
– 3 tomatoes,
– 1 tangerine,
– 1 cup of tea with dried fruit.
III option:
– 150 g of fish cooked in the oven or steamed, without oil.
From side dishes, you can eat any of the I or II variants. Potatoes are better not to eat, it contains starch, which will slow down the slimming process.
Two hours after lunch, eat one fruit or vegetable. You can drink a glass of kefir (skimmed or with a fat content of 1%). If there is a feeling of hunger before dinner, drink green tea with mint.

Atkins Diet Menu: Dinner

For dinner, you can choose from the following options. Additionally, a slice of black bread is allowed.
I option:
– 250 g of chicken, baked without fat and leather,
– one grapefruit.
II option:
– 100 g of squid,
– salad of one boiled egg, two teaspoons of canned corn and lemon-olive dressing with garlic and onions
– 500 g of shrimp, boiled without salt,
– 2 handfuls of boiled wild rice.
III option:
– 150 g of fish baked in the oven without oil and salt
– salad of two fresh tomatoes, two cucumbers, one egg, green lettuce, halves of sweet pepper and cedar nuts with olive-lemon dressing.
If there is a feeling of hunger in the evening, put out some sprouted grains with sunflower oil and soy sauce in the pan.

It is recommended to take vitamin complexes during the diet period.

When moving to the second phase slightly increase the amount of carbohydrates in the diet – 5 g per week. Wait until the weight is still down a bit. Once the desired result is achieved, it is possible to allow yourself those products that were previously excluded. At the same time there is a transition to a full diet. With the optimal amount of carbohydrates for your body, the weight will stop dropping.

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