Leech Treatment Method

Treatment with leeches has been widely used in international medicine for various diseases. Efficiency of leeches secret action has been proven in increased blood clotting, joint disease, osteochondrosis, obesity, thrombosis, arthritis, oxygen fasting of cells, liver diseases and central nervous system. In addition to therapeutic effects on the body, bites of leeches have beneficial effect on the skin, smoothing it and making it more elastic, are used in weight loss.

Curative effect of the bite of a medical leech

In a single session, a leech can drink blood twice its weight, which is about 10ml. The first and most primitive beneficial property of hirudotherapy is the mechanical removal of blood from the bloodstream system. After the procedure, blood continues to expire from the site of the bite. Until the wound tightens, about 50 ml of blood can flow out of it.

For treatment, buy leeches only from the pharmacy. Choose a leech with even skin and uniform color. Typically, the most active drink the most blood.

The therapeutic effect of bloodletting helps with high blood pressure, stasis of blood and bile, high temperature, migraines.
Their bites leeches make in the biologically active points of humans their application akin to needle reflexotherapy. Mechanical irritation of these acupuncture points has beneficial effects on various organs and systems.

You can store leeches in both river and tap water, pre-staking it for a day.

Useful properties of leech

secret The composition of leech secretory secretions includes more than 100 components. By protecting itself from bacteria, the leech produces biologically active substances that decontaminate blood. Together with saliva, these substances enter the bloodstream and there continue their beneficial effects to the body, helping to treat various diseases.

To make the blood the leech drinks is easier to swallow, its secret contains a biologically active substance – gyrudin. This substance reduces clotting, hence increases blood flow and cell filling with oxygen.

Girudin contributes to the dissolution of blood clots in vessels and prevents the formation of new ones. The use of leeches in varicose veins has been recognized because of this component. Girudin thins blood stamped in dilated veins and prevents the formation of clots.

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