How to use “Troxevazin”

Who is shown “Troxevazin”

This good old drug in aluminum or plastic tubes shipped to us from Bulgaria long ago. Ointment (gel) “Troxevazine” is prescribed to improve venous circulation.

Its active substance troxerutin strengthens vessels, especially the smallest, capillaries. Inflammatory processes decay, vein puffiness decreases, their tone increases. The ointment also counteracts the formation of blood clots. It is used in varicose, thrombophlebitis, venous dermatitis and ulcers, hemorrhoids.

Insufficiency of venous circulation is signaled by such symptoms:
— sensation of gravity in the legs;
— blue veins, “asterisks”, pigment spots on the limbs;
— edema feet at the end of the day;
— “goosebumps”, numbness, cramps;
— cold feet.

This ointment is also used in case of dislocation of joints, bruises, sprains.

Contraindications, side effects

Contraindication only one: skin injuries. Therefore, you cannot lubricate “Troxevazine” wounds.
It is contraindicated to use ointment and in bleeding, presence of purtures, abscesses.

Allergic reactions are occasionally observed — this is the result of over-sensitivity to “Troxevazine”.

How to use the ointment

2-3 times a day apply it in a thin layer on the skin, gently rubbing in circular movements.

Be sure to wait for the ointment to soak up completely. Only then you can bandage the sick place, put on socks or elastic stockings.

If it doesn’t help…

The therapeutic effect of the ointment depends significantly on the regularity of its use. Treatment is usually long, you can’t miss a day.

For greater efficiency of the ointment, it is recommended to take “Troxevazine” simultaneously in capsules. Patients with varicosis may be prescribed additionally in small doses of aspirin. And in influenza, allergic diseases — “Ascorutin” to reduce dangerous vascular permeability.

Simultaneously with the use of troxevasine ointment, long wearing of compression knitwear is recommended. Treatment tights allow to reduce pressure on sick vessels, and the development of the disease slows down. The outflow of venous blood and lymph due to the effect of compression is significantly accelerated, gradually eliminated their stagnation, and varicosis does not affect deep veins.

If the condition of a week and a half does not improve, tell the doctor. Perhaps he will prescribe a more effective drug, such as Lioton.

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