How to use an enurette alarm modo-king

Why do you need an enurette alarm clock

 Generally, night trouble occurs because the child can’t wake up in time, and often this problem is solved timely awakening. Enurezvous alarm clock is designed to develop a conditional reflex to wake up when at night you want to go to the toilet, i.e. it is necessary to wake the child up at the moment when he begins to pee.

How to use an enuresised alarm clock Modo-king

Enuresised alarm clock is very easy to use:

  1. Put a cuff with an alarm clock on the child’s hand, and the wire to avoid interfering, Put on the back of the child. You can put an alarm clock cuff on the toy the child sleeps with. In this case, the wire will not disturb, but it may be difficult to feel the alarm clock vibration when triggered.
  2. The alarm clock sensor will pull the panties as close as possible to the source of urine, but so that it will be comfortable for sleeping.

How does the enuresised alarm clock Modo-king

The principle of operation of the enurette alarm clock Modo-king is such. While the panties are dry, the sensor contacts are open and the alarm clock is silent. When the panties are even slightly (one drop is enough) wet in the place where the sensor is located, the electrical circuit closes and the alarm clock starts vibrating, drinking and glowing at the same time. This is the highest possible number of impacts, and as a result the child wakes up. The alarm clock will stop issuing signals when the sensor contacts open. Gradually (in 30-90 days) the conditional reflex “I want to pee wake up” is developed, and the child stops writing when sleeping.

 Sometimes there are “malfunctions” and the sensor fires (or fails) falsely. This happens when sweat drops appear at the place of attachment of the sensor, for example, and it is triggered falsely. And it happens that the child pees past the sensor in this case the bed and underpants will be wet, and since everything is dry in the place of the sensor, the alarm clock does not work.

Efficiency of use of enuresis alarm clock Modo-king

To use an enuresis alarm clock gives the desired result, it is extremely important that the child himself wants to get rid of night problem, and had a strong desire to wake up to go to the toilet in time. If the child doesn’t care if it’s wet or not, then generally it doesn’t work out, and the child just earns himself chronic undersleep. So, before you use an enurette alarm clock, make sure that the child himself needs it very much.

 It happens that the child has a weak motivation for waking up to the toilet at night, then it can be helped in this way. The morning after a “wet night” encourage the child with something nice. It is desirable that it is not another sticker in the magazine (which, by the way, can be given too), but a desired prize, delivering joy. It’s also very important that the award be at once and the encouragement permanent. It is necessary for the brain to realize the event for which the reward is given as very important. It will be a while and the brain will make a connection: “wet night” is a noteworthy event. Don’t worry if, amid the award, the child starts regretting “dry nights” – keep rewarding it as before. When the brain pays attention to “wet nights,” their numbers will begin to decrease, and the child’s desire to wake up dry will become more sustainable. This is a good point to start using the enurette alarm clock Modo-king and complete the solution of the problem.

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