How to trim a bridle under your tongue

In the person’s mouth there are 3 bridle: the first one connects the jaw to the upper lip, the second one – the lower lip with the jaw, the third – the bridle under the tongue.

The size of the hyoid bridle is checked in babies at birth. When too short – her undercutting is carried out right in the maternity hospital.

Signs of a short bridle

In toddlers of the first months of life the shortened hyoid bridle is manifested by the fact that they take the breast hard, indebtedness it sucked, quickly refuse off the chest. If the bridle remains short and at an older age, it may interfere with the pronunciation of sounds. In boys, congenital pathology is more common than in girls. There is a hereditary predisposition to it. Though it’s not a pathology at all, but just a birth defect that’s easy to fix.

Cutting procedure Frequently defect, when it is obvious, is corrected in the conditions of

maternity hospital. The procedure of cutting the hyoid bridle is painless for the newborn, because the eardrum does not yet have nerve endings and there are almost no blood vessels in it.

The operation is carried out with special scissors, then the baby is applied to the mother’s breast or given a drink bottle to stop the blood.

In children aged 3 to 9 months, the bridle is dissected under local anesthesia. If the child is older, the bridle is already thicker, and it has to be cut in the transverse direction by electrocoagulator or scissors. This is simple manipulation, the place of the cut heals after 24 hours.

Usually after surgery, toddlers start sucking their breasts with a lot of appetite.

But not always the short bridle needs to be clipped.

Manipulation is necessary:

– in case of problems with breastfeeding;
– deviations in the movement of the tongue;
– when forming an irregular bite
– Difficulties in pronouncing some sounds, obscurity of speech and illegibility of words when speaking.

In heavier and more run-down cases, a shift in the center of the tongue may occur, triggering an incorrect formation of the mandible. In the future, these problems can lead to the development of periodontitis and gingivitis of the teeth.

In a five-year-old child, the normal hyoid bridle is considered to be its length from 0.8 cm. When you lift your tongue up, it should not double and take the shape of a heart.

Even if there are problems due to a short bridle, a toddler older than 4 years may be denied surgery. The fact is that surgery at that age will no longer help fix speech defects. You shouldn’t despair. It is necessary to turn to a speech therapist who will not only help in correcting pronunciation, but also with special exercises to stretch the bridle will help to cope with the situation as a whole.

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