How to treat hemorrhoids with folk methods

Symptoms and traditional treatments of hemorrhoids

distinguish between external and internal hemorrhoids. Overeating, constipation, pregnancy and aging contribute to the exacerbation of the disease. In hemorrhoids, pain of defecation, feelings of gravity, burning and itching in the area of the posterior passage, bleeding or impurity of blood in the calorie masses, and loss of hemorrhoidal nodes are observed.

Surgery is required in particularly severe cases.

For the prevention of hemorrhoids, it is recommended to strictly adhere to the diet, prevent the development of constipation, careful carrying out of procedures after each defecation. During the period of aggravation of hemorrhoids, enemas with chamomile, painkillers and anti-inflammatory candles are prescribed.

How to treat hemorrhoids at home

It is useful for hemorrhoids to ingest whole pieces of peeled garlic. It is not digested and, coming out with feces, nails the affected surface, helping its healing.

There are many highly effective non-traditional treatments for hemorrhoids. You can prepare an ointment for which you will need:

– 0.5 liters of vegetable oil;
– 1 large bulb;
– 100 grams of beeswax.

Peel the onion, grind with a knife or in a blender and roast the daughter with hot vegetable oil. Then strain through a multi-layer gauze filter. Melt in a warm (not hot) mixture beeswax. Apply the ointment as an external agent in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

In case of constipation and hemorrhoids, it is recommended to drink juice from melon pulp. It is necessary to take ½ cup 2 times a day. As a mild laxative in constipation and hemorrhoids, you can eat melon flesh instead of melon juice.

It is possible to take a mixture of carrots, lettuce and spinach juices. They are taken in 4:3:2 proportions (4 parts carrot juice, 3 parts juice from lettuce and 2 — spinach). Drink the mix before eating 3 times a day. Daily dose – 2 cups.

Effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids potatoes. One of the folk methods is the application of potato juice:

thoroughly wash the potatoes under running water. Then, without peeling, rub it on a grater into clean and dry dishes and squeeze the juice. Then pour 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed juice into a small sprinter and enter into the anus overnight. Do this procedure for 10 days.

Effective for the treatment of hemorrhoids various herbal collections, which are applied both externally and internally.

To prepare herbal infusion you will need:

– 2 parts sage leaf;
– 3 parts of chamomile flowers;
– 3 parts of horse-chestnut fruit;
– 5 parts of oak bark.

Grind all ingredients and mix. Take 3 tablespoons of the mixture, pour them in a liter of steep boiling water and allow to stiff for 6 hours. Apply infusion to the anal area for hemorrhoids.

To make an infusion for internal consumption, it is necessary to take in equal quantities:

– leaf senna;
– crust;
– licorice root;
– coriander fruit.

Grind all the components and mix. Pour 1 tablespoon of herbal mixture with a glass of boiling water. Insist until fully cooled. Drink the infusion overnight by ½ cup.

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