How to take painkillers properly

Choosing medicine, initially it is worth trying to determine what type of pain. If unpleasant sensations are caused by spasms, then in this case it is better to stop your choice on spasmolytics. Not only do they buy the pain, they also eliminate their very cause. If pain of a different nature, ordinary analgesics will help.

In a number of cases, for example, in the presence of some inflammatory process in the body, doctors recommend combining the painkiller with anti-inflammatory medications. However, taking different variants of pills precisely for pain at one moment or with a short interval between the techniques should not be taken. They may contain components that do not combine together. Then the risk of developing side effects increases or the result from taking drugs in principle will not be.

Before taking the painkiller, you need to study the instructions in detail. Especially it is necessary to pay attention to contraindications, recommended dosages and possible side effects of the drug. Even if the pain is very severe, unbearable, you can’t take 5 tablets at once. The desired result can not be obtained, but the risk of general deterioration increases. If the pain doesn’t pass, it’s more reasonable to seek medical help rather than trying to buy it in some way.

Although painful sensations — even the weakest — are not recommended, doctors highlight two points when you need to put aside the pill and seek advice from specialist.

First, one cannot drink painkillers if unpleasant sensations have arisen in the chest. In such a case, pain and discomfort can report serious heart problems.

Secondly, medication should not be abused, if painful sensations are concentrated in the abdomen, they appeared unexpectedly, look atypical. There are many internal organs in the abdomen, taking analgesics or antispasmoditics can complicate diagnosis. In case of severe abdominal pain, it is recommended to see a doctor urgently, as similar sensations can be associated with appendicitis. And in such a situation you can’t slow and try to buy pain, it can result in severe consequences or even fatal outcomes. In addition, medical care is necessary when abdominal pain does not pass for a long time or is constantly returned.

Taking analgesics or spasmoditics, it is necessary to clog drugs with enough clean water. At the same time doctors advise to choose not ice water, but warm or at least room temperature. You can’t put painkillers in juices, coffee, soda drinks. It is also strictly forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages simultaneously with the reception of analgesics, spasmoditics.

Before swallowing the pill, you need to try at least a little snack. Painkillers are “aggressive” enough, they seriously “beat” the stomach. Therefore, drinking them on an empty scale is not recommended.

Doctors advise drinking pills for pain as soon as the first unpleasant sensations in the body appeared. You shouldn’t try to endure pain, you don’t have to wait for it to become completely unbearable. If you take the saving remedy right away, it will reduce stress, as well as buying pain sensations will happen much faster, the effect will remain for a long time.

You can’t take painkillers too often. They exert additional stress on the liver, due to constant intake there is a threat to face negative consequences and deterioration of well-being. In addition, gradually, the body produces “immunity” to some kind of pain medication. As a result, over time you will have to increase the dosage, which is extremely undesirable, or to search for a new suitable medicine.

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