How to take fluconazol

Instructions for the use of “Fluconazole”

“Fluconazole” is prescribed for the treatment of various fungal infections: systemic candidiasis, cryptococcosis, vaginal candidiasis, candidiasis of mucous membranes. It is also used as a preventive agent of fungal complications in immunocompromised patients against the background of treatment with cytostatics, radiotherapy. “Fluconazole” is produced as capsules and solution for intravenous administration. Since the half-term of the drug is quite long, the product is used once a day. A single therapeutic dose can be between 200 and 400 mg. If the patient has kidney dysfunction disorders, the dose of “Fluconazole” should be reduced.

For the treatment of candidiasis lesion of mucous membranes it is necessary to take 50-100 mg of “Fluconazole” per day, for bacterial candidiasis – 150 mg of the drug per day. The dose of the drug should be picked up by the doctor, individually in each case. During the reception of “Fluconazole” it is necessary to control hematological indicators. Treatment needs to be continued until the condition of clinical-hematologic remission occurs. Treatment with “Fluconazole” and can be done without preliminary analysis (seeding), but if the results of this method of study are available, the therapy is adjusted if necessary.

“ Fluconazole”: contraindications, side effects


“Fluconazole” are contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation, under 16 years of age, with hypersensitivity to antifungal drugs in medical history. With caution, the remedy is prescribed in liver failure, at the same time as “Terfinadin”, drugs capable of causing arrhythmia, for potentially pro-arrhythmogenic conditions that were caused by electrolyte balance disorders or cardiac organic pathology.

According to reviews, adverse actions in the treatment of “Fluconazole” are shown in rare cases. These include skin rash, flatulence, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, hyperbilirubinemia, headache, neutropenia, leukopenia, agranulocytosis, ventricular fibrillation (awe). When used simultaneously with “Rifampicin”, the half-derivation period of “Fluconazola” is shortened. When using the drug in recommended doses, symptoms of overdose appear only in rare cases: patients have hallucinations, paranoid behavior. “Fluconazole” is stored at room temperature in a place protected from sunlight. The shelf life of the drug is three years.

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