How to pass analysis on herpes




main symptom of the disease is skin lesion in the lips, wings of the nose, mouth mucosa or genitalia. Occasionally, skin swelling, burning and itching can occur. Often herpes is accompanied by weakness and rising body temperature. Blood tests are taken from the vein on the arm. The presence of infection is determined by detecting antibodies to herpes in human blood. A laboratory study can also determine the type of virus.


Before passing the analysis for herpes should not be prepared somehow. It’s better to donate blood in the morning and dry. The last meal should be no earlier than 8 hours before the material is taken. Two days before delivery, it is better to exclude fried and fatty food, as well as abstain from drinking alcohol.


When tested positive, antiviral drugs are prescribed. A doctor should be consulted to prevent the recurrence of symptoms. It is impossible to fully cure herpes, and therefore we use overwhelming therapy, which is based on daily use of drugs, which allows to reduce the frequency of return of signs of the virus and reduce probability of infecting sex partners. The use of drugs reduces the risk of recurrence of symptoms by almost 50%.


Antiviral ointments are used to facilitate the course of disease. The most commonly prescribed are acyclovir (zovirax), famcyclovir (famphire) and valacyclovir (valtrex), which are also available and in tablet form.

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