How to make an inhaler

You will need
  • – pan
  • – kettle –
  • funnel
  • – water –
  • essential oil/pinosol; decoctions of medicinal plants (chamomile, flowers lime trees, mint, lavender, sage, cedar, juniper); potatoes; soda; mineral water.

Inhalation is simple and efficient. It will not be difficult to make this procedure at home. And if there is no special device, use old grandfather ways. Heat the water, pour it into an enamelled bowl, drop a few drops of essential oils (pine, fir, etc.) or add soda (2 tablespoons per litre and a half of water), fit comfortably over the steam and cover your head with a towel. Perhaps you’ll be comfortable just sitting at a table or sitting on a couch, putting a bowl on a chair next to it and leaning against it.


The second way is just as simple, but maybe someone will find it more convenient. Instead of a bowl, use a kettle. Boil it, put it on the table, without forgetting to fit the stand, so as not to spoil the furniture. Roll the paper with a cone and insert into the spout of the teapot – wide side to yourself. Add oils or just pinosol to the kettle as well. It contains the same essential oils – eucalyptus, peppermint and Scots pine, which will immediately help to relieve breathing, remove swelling and have an anti-inflammatory effect.


And probably the simplest and most multifunctional version of the decoction right in the pan use as an inhaler.


As an inhaler, it is possible to use a funnel supplied by a wide side to any container suitable in diameter. The convenience of this option is that you can do the procedure by bringing alternately the nostrils to the narrow neck of the funnel. In the hot water you fill the tank, do not forget to add essential oils, decoctions of medicinal plants, soda or mineral water.

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