How to lose weight without stretch


To prevent stretch marks from appearing, you need to lose weight slowly and carry out skin tightening treatments. But the main thing, of course – smooth slimming. Strict diets are not appropriate, especially when it comes to a lot of primordial weight.


Diet diet next: morning – high carbohydrate dish. It could be porridge (on water, no sugar), fruit, bread. This breakfast will provide energy for the morning. Lunch is denser. It can be vegetable or chicken soup (serving not more than 250 g), stewed vegetables with chicken, steamed cutlets with green salad, etc. The main thing is not to eat sugary drinks, do not eat pastries, cakes, greasy dishes. Dinner is better made single-component and protein. Eat a serving of fish, boiled meat, eggs. Vegetarians can replace these dishes with lentils, mushrooms, beans. During the day you need to drink simple water – it helps to bring out the decay products produced by the destruction of fat cells.


In addition to diet, carry out wrapping procedures and jar massages. They will help to make the skin elastic, stretch marks will not appear. Wraps need to alternate with massage every other day.


Wraps are done so – thighs and belly are smeared with clay, honey with ground coffee, special warming cream – you can choose something every time new. Common olive oil can also be used. The body is then turned around by a food film. The procedure takes between 40 minutes and an hour and a half.


Jar massage enhances blood flow to the skin, stretch marks, if they have appeared – unsucked, and new ones do not form. To make the massage properly, grease the problem areas with cream or vegetable oil, set the jar on the skin so that it is sucked, and make rotational movements. 150 laps are enough for each zone. You can start with 50, and then increase the number each time.


Proper nutrition and cosmetic treatments will help you lose weight quickly and without stretch marks. And tighten the muscles and blame the skin will help sports – even home exercises bring a visible result if you do them regularly.

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