How to lose weight with a bread diet

The bread diet created by Israeli scientist Olga Ratz, as the name makes clear, is based on bread. Not on buns and baguette, of course, but on a grain product. According to this nutrition system, a day can eat up to 12 pieces a day, men even more – up to 16 pieces. The entire daily diet is divided into four to five meals (each respectively has 2-3 slices of bread).

It is very important to note: it is about cereal bread: it contains twice as many calories as white bread. In addition, carbohydrates, which are part of its composition, do not affect blood sugar levels, give a feeling of satiety for a long time and do not inhibit the functioning of the intestines. Even vice versa – fiber contained in grains stimulates digestion and promotes natural cleansing of the body.

Talk about some rules on choosing bread for diet. First, you should not trust the bread muesli and the bread familiar to all with bran – they are very caloric. Secondly, for the same reason, the products containing “high grade flour”, “sugar”, “corn syrup” should be left on the shelf. If the taste of cereal bread is not to your liking, you can try a diet on white bread. However, the daily rate of milk consumption is halved – to six pieces for one day.

“ And what, you need to eat only bread all days?” – Be horrified. No, no, the product must be taken in the form of sandwiches with any non-sweet and non-fat additives. So, to the bread you can add:
– skimmed curd,
– ketchup and mustard,
– eggplant caviar,
– any vegetables (it is allowed to prepare from them salad) and greens
– fish,
– non-fat poultry meat leatherless.

Every now and then you can indulge yourself in a not-too-greasy slice of cheese. Improve the taste quality of “sandwiches” will help you any seasoning.

Sweetcakes for breakfast can afford a slice of bread with jam (sugar should be as little as possible!). Self, smoked, ham, sausage, cutlets – under the strictest ban! Fruit deserves a separate conversation. Since it is a source of natural sugars, and the bread diet is based on products with a low glycemic index, the creators of this nutrition system recommend eating no more than three fruits per day, and apply them as a snack between basic meals. Canned fruits and juices should be abandoned for the duration of the diet altogether.

It is also important to note about moderation: you do not need to put fish or chicken breast on a slice of bread. Smear by eating each slice – then your body will begin to easily part with extra pounds and centimeters.

The described nutrition system is calculated at about 1300-1800 calories per day, which means it helps to lose weight quite quickly. At the same time, you can sit on a bread diet no more than 10 days. There is a bread diet and a second option, softer and prolonged: according to it, bread is allowed sometimes to be replaced with pasta made of wholemeal flour, brown rice, legumes.

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