How to lose weight in a week by 7 kilogram

Drinking diet for the week

There is one of the simplest but also the toughest diets, the essence of which is that only a drinking regime is allowed. The main component of the diet is clean water, in addition to which a liter of liquid food is allowed per day. As such are fresh juices, vegetable broths, fermented milk products of reduced fat content. It is difficult to withstand such a diet, because it does not relieve the feeling of hunger. It’s also hard to call it balanced or useful.

Do not expect that in such fasting the body cleaves 7 kg of fats. Major weight loss will be achieved through the release of excess intercellular fluid and the release of the intestines from the slags.

Protein diet on which you can lose weight in a week

This technique is quite popular and does not require special knowledge or SMS to receive a free menu. During the week it is permitted to eat 1 egg for breakfast, 100 g of boiled poultry meat without skin for lunch and a glass of kefir for dinner. The side effect of this diet is problems with stool due to lack of fiber in the diet. Also it is not suitable for people with kidney diseases, which can exacerbate due to the abundance of protein.

At the same time, it should be remembered that the effectiveness of the diet largely depends on the rate of metabolism, because the exact guarantees that this amount of kilograms will go away , no nutritionist will give.

Diet on kefir and buckwheat

In order to lose weight by 7 kilograms, it is necessary to eat only buckwheat porridge cooked without sugar or salt, and kefir. A day you can drink unlimited kefir and eat three portions of buckwheat. Exit from this diet should gradually, not throwing on fatty or heavy food, and within a few days adding fresh vegetables, fruits, dietary meat to the menu.

What else should be considered

Regardless of what diet to prefer for weight loss, it is necessary to understand that such a drastic weight loss is very harmful to health. And most likely at the earliest opportunity the body will try to compensate for the loss as it returns to its previous diet. Therefore it is much safer to part with kilograms smoothly, choosing not low-calorie diets, but proper nutrition and physical exertion. If you still lose weight so quickly it is very necessary, in parallel it is advisable to take vitamin complexes, which at least partially compensate for the lack of essential elements for health.

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