How to lose weight in a belly




first thing you have to do to put your stomach away – realize that no magic diet will allow you to get rid of 10 kilos per week. The fact is that during the diet due to malnutrition decreases the amount of digested food that “travels” through the gastrointestinal tract, but in no way the fat that hides your pumped press.


kilogram of fat contains 7 to 10 thousand kcal, and because to burn 10 kilograms in a week, it is necessary that the calorie deficit is at least 70 thousand kcal, which is not very real.


Thanks to the use of the entire set of weight loss products in the abdomen area it is real to burn about one kilo per week. In case the weight falls more strongly, it is possible to conclude that the muscles burn, and therefore after the end of the diet the weight will become even more due to the set of extra fat.


To drop more kilogram in the first week and make the abdomen volume smaller, it is necessary to clean the body. Slags in the intestine not only increase weight, but also cause more to eat due to poor digestibility of food, and therefore quickly lose weight in the abdomen will not be done without cleansing.


To clean the gastrointestinal tract, buy any slimming tea from the pharmacy, drink it for a week and forget its existence. It will help to disperse the metabolism daily intake of two to three liters of water with ginger, lemon, cucumber and mint for 10 days.


To lose weight in the abdomen, it is necessary to adhere to the diet. It should be noted that any method of weight loss that proposes to exclude fats, proteins or carbohydrates from the diet, especially monodiets implying consumption of a single product, is dangerous to health.


The most proper diet for slimming abdomens is built on limiting calorie counts and physical exertion. To get rid of a kilogram of fat, you need to consume 1500 kcal a day and burn 2500 kcal. At the same time, one must eat at least 1 gram of protein per kilogram of weight With an average weight of 60 kg you need to eat, for example, 3 litres of milk or 600 g of macaroni or 400 g of pork per day.


The amount of protein should be about 30 percent of all food consumed, and fats about 20, the remaining 50 percent carbohydrates.


To lose weight in the abdomen you should eat more complex carbohydrates, and when eating simple – burn energy, otherwise it will become an extra layer of fat at the waist. Complex carbohydrates are found in fresh vegetables and fruits, unprocessed cereals. Boiled and crushed they turn into simple carbohydrates.


So eat wholegrain porridge, fresh vegetables and fruit. Bakery products, juices, potatoes, white rice, sweets can be eaten in small quantities and as an exception only before intensive workouts.


To quickly lose weight in the abdomen, it is necessary to increase physical exertion. Strength and speed exercises are needed to build muscles and reduce the abdomen. Running and swimming need to alternate with a complex of weight-loss exercises. Fat cannot be burned in a certain place, so to remove your stomach, you need to rock the press, and squat, and engage with dumbbells.


Lose weight in the abdomen with the help of a balanced diet and physical exertion as quickly as possible if you connect helpers to them. Before performing strength exercises, apply a body scrub to the skin with a warming effect, massage intensely fat deposits with your hands or with a contrast shower, clean with a towel. To clean your stomach while running, apply anti-cellulite cream on the problem area, wrap your waist with food film and warm handkerchief.

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