How to lose weight and not gain weight again



not try to drop extra pounds in a very short time frame – they will be gained as soon as you stop stick to the diet. Start by stopping eating 4-5 hours before bedtime — that time is enough for the body to recycle the food and not set it aside as fat. Completely eliminate fatty foods, sausage, smoked and other “goodies” from the diet. Cook meals without adding steamed oil or in the microwave to reduce their calorie content.


Several times a week arrange unloading days. For the first time, eat vegetables, fruits, kefir or other light foods. As the body gets addicted to hungry days, completely give up food and drink only mineral water or juice. But it is possible to do so at intervals of 2-3 days, otherwise there will be no effect.


Active sports: go to the gym, swim in the pool or sign up for fitness. The greater the muscle mass, the faster the slimming process goes and less likely to gain lost kilograms again. If you don’t have time to do it, at least make easy runs in the morning or do a charge at home.


Contact an endocrinologist if the slimming process stands in one place. You will be prescribed an examination, according to the results of which will be selected. Also, a specialist can prescribe you medical drugs that help to cope with excess weight and not gain it again. But they can be taken only by appointment, and in the pharmacy they are provided by prescription.


During weight loss, be sure to take vitamin complexes to fill the lack of necessary micronutrients. Consult your doctor on this or carefully examine the annotation.


To lose weight is not the most difficult, the main thing then to maintain it. You can do it if you periodically adhere to diets, do not eat overnight and exercise. If during the examination, an endocrinologist found problems with the hormonal background and you solved them, perhaps the extra pounds will never bother you.

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