How to live without gallbladder




at least 5-6 times a day. Regular food contributes to the secretion of bile and excreting it into the intestine. This is an important process preventing its stagnation in the bile ducts and the formation of stones. Don’t give up eating olive and sunflower oils, they are good biliary remedies.


Reduce or exclude from the diet food that contains large amounts of animal fats. There is a lot of cholesterol in such products, which contributes to bile retention in the ducts and cholecystitis recurrences. Animal fats in large numbers are found in egg yolks, pork, lamb, poultry skin, oily fish, concentrated broth.


Reduce your carbohydrate intake, especially when combined with fats. It can be all sorts of cakes, cakes, homemade pastries with the application of butter or cream. Exclude cold food from the diet, it contributes to stagnation of bile in the ducts. Cook the food steamed or simmer with a little vegetable oil. It is better to give up fried foods altogether.


Give up drinking alcohol, it gives extra strain on the liver and causes spasm of Oddi’s sphinctra. At the same time, the bile stops free from the ducts, which leads to their stretching and subsequently to stagnation of the bile. This threatens to form inflammatory processes and biliary duct disease.


Avoid severe physical exertion, which is associated with the operation of abdominal press muscles, for a year after surgery. For physical activity, ask your doctor to prescribe you an LFC with special exercises that will help to carry out a light abdominal massage. This is necessary to improve tissue healing and bile waste.


Examine a gastroenterologist at least 2 times a year. Consultations and timely recommendations of a specialist will avoid complications and recurrences of the disease.

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