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Causes depriving

Today scientists do not stop arguing about the causes of skin deprivation, naming among the provoking factors stresses, genes, viruses, weak immunity and allergies. This disease really often occurs after viral infections — and it is subject to absolutely all age categories, and the duration of relapses can reach several years.

The skin can begin gradually, and suddenly – on the skin appears an itchy pink spot, which people burn with iodine.

The main cause of development depriving scientists call fungi or viruses, but the exact mechanism of infection is still unestablished, because not every person at risk is infected with skin deprivation. The disease most often occurs on the background of predominant factors such as reduced immunity, heredity, persistent stresses, diabetes mellitus and gastrointestinal diseases. In total, there are five varieties of skin deprivation – flat, girding, ringworm, pink and bran.

Treatment depriving the

treatment of deprivation diseases should be supervised by an experienced dermatologist. In connection with various pathogens depriving, drug therapy should be selected strictly individually and only after the determination of a specific pathogen. In complex treatment of skin deprivation, antifungal, soothing and antihistamines are usually prescribed, which can be supplemented with antidepressants and antiviral agents.

In the process of treatment of skin deprivation, it is essential to avoid contact with household chemicals, home dust and other possible stimuli.

Also, the patient deprived should observe a diet that excludes drinking alcohol, strong coffee, chocolate, canned food and smoked meat. External manifestations of deprivation are treated with various ointments and physiotherapy procedures – at the same time it is necessary to treat associated diseases.

Many effective remedies to help with skin deprivation can be found in folk medicine. So, compresses made of cranberry or kalina juice, grated beets, sea buckthorn and undiluted apple cider vinegar are well established. You can also start eating sea buckthorn oil – one teaspoon per day and on an empty bed.

Remember that self-medication in skin deprivation is very dangerous — it can lead to complications, unpredictable consequences and the flow of the disease into a difficult-to-treat chronic form.

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