How to induce childbirth by folk methods

Combine nice with useful. Method of stimulation of contractions №1 – sex

First, the composition of sperm contains substances that soften the cervix and contribute to its disclosure. Secondly, when orgasm, the hormone of joy and pleasure – oxytocin, stimulating uterine contraction, is released into the blood. A nipple massage – another catalyst to induce the release of the “pleasant” hormone – may also act as an additional stimulation.

It is important to remember that this method has medical contraindications. It is advisable to consult your personal doctor in advance.

Cleansing — thorough preparation for contractions

In order to cleanse the intestines as carefully and effectively as possible, you can resort to several ways at once. The most useful and simple is the preparation of light beet dishes. Enhanced intestinal peristalsis will contribute to uterine contraction, thus bringing long-awaited delivery closer. It is also possible to resort to small doses of castor oil and enema with weak saline solution.

An effective folk method can be considered the revision of the menu. Of course, healthy foods – porridge, fruit and vegetables should be present in the diet of a pregnant woman throughout the term. But in recent weeks they will be as effective as they will act not only as a healthy diet, but also as stimulants of the intestinal tract, pushing to strengthen peristaltics for account of high fiber content.

Movement – another effective way of approaching fights

When long passed all the deadlines set by obstetricians of birth permit and not at all wait to meet the baby, you can slightly increase the level of motor activity. Perfect for leisurely walks in the park with small breaks for rest. If there’s a big bouncy ball at home, you can do a little warm-up and jump on it.

The main thing in the desire to provoke fights – not to overdo it. We must not forget that childbirth is a long and difficult process that will require a great return.

Aromatic method of stimulation

In the East, special attention is paid to essential oils. Jasmine and rose hoods are thought to be the most effective. It’s enough to get an aromatherapy lamp and allow yourself to relax. Even in the event that smells fail to accomplish the task, a pleasant pastime is guaranteed.

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