How to improve joint health without drugs

One of the mechanisms of joint damage is insulin resistance, the vast majority of people are unaware that this disease can lead to problems in this sphere.

Our joints do not feed at the expense of blood and lymphatic systems, blood vessels do not penetrate them. Nutrition occurs by simply moving nutrients through cells. It is also worth noting that this process is more effective if there is movement in the joints – the internal fluid is released.

All possible degenerative, treating processes in joints are as slow as possible. It often takes decades of wrong lifestyles to get conditional arthritis. Same situation with any actions that are responsible for regeneration, it will take more than one month to repair the damaged, injured joint.

As you know, the less body weight — the better the joints feel. If a person has excessive body weight, all this pressures, causes discomfort. On the one hand it is, but there is also a flip side to this situation. The whole thing is that insulin resistance – the inability of cells to fully obtain all nutrients from food, as well as blocks the entry of nutrients into joints and ligaments.

A very large number of people walk with so-called “prediabetes”: a person has clear signs of excess fat, but body weight fluctuates within the allowable norm. In this case, the person does not yet have diabetes, but there are already a lot of problems. Due to the sedentary lifestyle, he has to old age some arthritis or arthritis.

In many cases, such effects appear due to chronic insulin resistance. Other factors are not excluded, but this one is the most unobvious and very widespread. People have lost the kind of person who is really healthy. Any doctor who “with a small tummy” will perceive as normal. And such a personality may well have a running resistance to insulin.

In order to avoid this insidious disease, you need to follow certain guidelines, implementing which, you will prevent insulin resistance and joint diseases at the same time.

There should be no “dangling” from the abdomen, from the sides, there should be an adequate percentage of body fat. Lack of muscles has just as bad an impact on the emergence of this disease, necessary basic sports activities: physical culture, cardio and strength loads. Include at least a few minutes of physical activity per day in your schedule, then increase the amount.

Insulin resistance also draws a parallel with miseating: sweet snacking, tea with sugar, lunch at a fast-food cafe. All these factors affect the sensitivity of cells to insulin, and therefore the health of your joints. Do 2-3 meals a day, eliminate excess sugar and “fast food”.

In summary, the reasons for joint pain are often not as obvious as it seems at first glance. In this case, it turned out that even excess weight and improper nutrition categorically affect the health of your musculoskeletal system. Lead a healthy lifestyle and more often engage in physical education!

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