How to get rid of windbreak

You will need
  • – vitamins;
  • – antihistamines;
  • – greenery or manganese;
  • – calamine lotion;
  • – bergamot oil;
  • – Paracetamol.

Treatment of chickenpox takes place normally in outpatient conditions, try to keep the bed regimen. There are no special preparations for chicken pox, but there are many different possibilities that will help to reduce unpleasant sensations to a minimum and cope with the disease in the shortest possible time.


Daily change bedding and linen. Try also to limit interaction with water, do not bathe during the emergence of new pimples (only intimate hygiene is allowed), wipe your hands with wet wipes. By wet the bubbles, you will only exacerbate the unpleasant sensations and lengthen the timing of healing the pain. Chickenpox proceeds significantly more easily when allergenic foods are excluded from the diet. Eat large amounts of vegetables and fruits, drink enough liquid.


Try to make the air indoors cool enough. The warmer the air, the more blood will stick to the skin, which only increases itching. In no case do not comb bubbles, so it is possible to bring bacterial infection into the skin, if you tear off dry pain – there will be scars and scarring. To dry faster bubbles, use calamine lotion, which contains zinc oxide. It is possible to remove itching using bergamot oil. If itching is simply unbearable, take an antihistamine remedy.



not go out during the disease in the sun, as ultraviolet radiation can exacerbate the course of the disease. To avoid joining the purulent infection, treat the rash twice a day with strong manganese solution or green. Do not smear the bubbles more often, otherwise it is possible to dry the skin, which will result in scarring. When your body temperature rises, take paracetamol. To cope with chickenpox in a short time will help general strengthening agents – vitamins.

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