How to get rid of an ingrown callous

Causes of ingrown calluses

Breaking calluses form in places of frequent compression or friction, which can be caused by cramped footwear, substandard socks, tights or stockings. Most commonly, such calluses occur between the fingers or on the foot. The skin tries to protect itself, so it surrounds a large place with additional layers of epidermis. That’s how the layers of the skin build up. As a result, these layers are deformed into a solid callus. If you do not start to fight this problem in time, the callus penetrates deeper layers, reaching the nerve and causing severe pain when walking. It is

necessary to remove not only the ingrown callus, but also its rod – a spool.

If there is such a problem, you need to change your shoes immediately. Prefer not high-heeled shoes, but ballet flats or sneakers, where the feet will feel as comfortable as possible. Be sure to consult a doctor, as it is not always possible to get rid of the bursting corns at home, there is a great risk of infection. In addition, it is possible to take an ingrown callus for a wart, and to get rid of it yourself can be dangerous. Medical care is required here.

Methods of treatment of ingrown calluses

Specialists can offer you several ways and options for removing the corns. The simplest is the use of special creams or ointments, as well as patches that gently and gently dissolve the callus, as a result it will be left to remove its residues using pumice. In some cases, a doctor may advise more radical methods, unfortunately not so comfortable – it is laser therapy or cryotherapy. The callus is removed in the cosmetology room, toppling with root using cutters of different kinds, then this place is disinfected with antimicrobial drugs and bandaged.

To remove the old callus, you will have to take a course of three to five sessions.

If the callus ingrown is not too deep yet, you can try home options for getting rid of it. Useful foot baths, which must be done in the evening and in the morning. Coniferous concentrate or sea salt are used to do this. After the bath, rub the place of the calluses with pumice. Then attach to the sick place the meakish bread dipped in table vinegar, leave for a few hours. Then remove the compress and rub with pumice again.

Garlic is a proven remedy to fight ingrown calluses. Make juice out of it and grease the callus three times a day. Fresh dandelion juice or purebody helps not worse.

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