How to eat at elevated blood sugar

What to do with elevated blood sugar levels If a blood

test showed an excess of blood glucose, first of all check the state of your health. Do pancreatic ultrasound, take additional tests on pancreatic enzymes and the presence of ketone bodies in the urine, visit an endocrinologist with the results of the tests. If diabetes mellitus and other serious diseases have not been found, it is possible to reduce blood sugar by diet. The reasons for increased sugar may be different: colds, pregnancy, severe stress, but most often it is excessive consumption of carbohydrates and foods with a high glycemic index.

If you don’t start eating right, then constant surges of sugar will lead to the development of diabetes.

Diet at elevated blood sugar

levels blood glucose levels rise after a person eats food high glycemic index is usually foods with a lot of so-called simple carbohydrates. These are sweets, bread, flour products, potatoes. Glucose in their composition is instantly absorbed into the blood, insulin does not have time to be produced, metabolism is impaired, which can lead to the development of diabetes. Exclude all sweets containing refined sugar from your diet: jam, candy, cakes, chocolate. First time it is also advisable not to eat honey, raisins, bananas and grapes, which too have a glycemic index. Forget chips, buns and other fast food, reduce your potato consumption.

It is advisable not to use sugar substitutes, some of them also increase blood glucose levels, and others are harmful to the body.

Include more wholesome foods on your menu that reduce blood sugar. These are all sorts of vegetables: cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, courgettes, eggplant, carrots, greens. Replace regular bread with whole-grain flour products with added bran. Instead of potatoes, eat more cereals: buckwheat, milched, oatmeal, wild or brown rice. White rice and semolina are also desirable to exclude.

From the fruit it is useful to eat apples, citrus fruits, also well reduce blood sugar levels blackcurrants, cranberries and other berries. Include more non-fatty protein products in the diet: cottage cheese, fish, poultry, eggs, fermented milk products. Eat nuts and legumes, they reduce glucose too.

The content of substances in a person’s diet with sugars above normal should be as follows: 45% complex carbohydrates, 30% fats and 25% proteins. It is also important not only to eat properly, but also to eat at the same hours at least four, and better five or six times a day little by little.

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