How to drink a decoction of red brush

The chemical composition of the red brush is rich. Essential oils, proteins, wax, phenols, sterols, organic acids, anthraglycosides, flavonides, sugars, tannins, nickel, zinc, molybdenum and other useful elements are present here. Due to this diverse composition, Siberian ginseng is used as an oncoprotective, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic drug. In addition, red brush is used in thyroid pathology, gynecological diseases, endocrine disorders, etc.

Generally, for medicinal purposes from desiccated Siberian ginseng prepare decoctions and tinctures (it all depends on what disease is treated).

During treatment with red brush, it is necessary to exclude the use of herbs changing the hormonal background (sage, clover, hobbyist and others). It is also not possible to take decoction from the four-membered rhodiola at high pressure and high temperature.

Four-incised rhodiola during climax

there is a change in the hormonal background in the body, as well as fading sexual functions. Moreover, these processes are accompanied by climate syndrome: weakness, sleep disturbance, increased sweating, etc. To reduce the duration of the climax and minimize the severity of the manifestation climate syndrome, recommend drinking decoction made from Siberian ginseng.

The recipe for this medicinal product is as follows:
– 1 tbsp crushed root of red brush;
– 280-300 ml of water.

Raw materials are poured with hot water, brought to a boil, after which on a small heat are cooked for 13-15 minutes. Then the decoction is pressed for an hour and strained. Take the “preparation” of 1/2 cup three times a day 27-30 minutes before meals (it is advisable to add 1 tsp honey). The course of treatment lasts from 1 to 1.5 months.

Treatment of infertility with quadriolateral rhodiola

If female infertility is caused by hormonal disorders, coping with this problem will be helped by a red brush decoction prepared from of the following components:
– 1.5 tbsp crushed roots of Siberian ginseng;
– 330-350 ml of hot boiled water.

The plant is poured with water, after which dishes with a mixture are placed on a water bath for 10-13 minutes. Then the decoction is pressed for 42-45 minutes, strained and supplemented with boiled water cooled to room temperature up to 250 ml. Take it three times a day for 1/3 cup half an hour before the meal. The therapeutic course is 1-1.5 months.

At the onset of pregnancy, treatment with Siberian ginseng should be discontinued.

How to drink decoction of Siberian ginseng with fibromyoma and uterine fibromyoma

The special effect is achieved with the simultaneous use of red brush and borrow uterus. To prepare a healing agent, you will need such ingredients:
– 1 tbsp boron uterus;
– 1 tbsp Siberian ginseng;
– 200 ml boiling water.

The crushed herbs are poured with water, brought to a boil, then insist 37-40 minutes. Then the decoction is strained. Take the “drug” of 1 tbsp three times a day 28-30 minutes before meals. Drink the drug for a month, then take a fifteen-day break and continue treatment. It is necessary to complete at least 3 such courses.

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