How to choose a sedative;

It is necessary to find out the cause of the disorder

Some sedatives are designed for sufferers of insomnia, others for those who live under constant stress and disorders. Therefore, it is worth making clear what is disturbing, and only after that go to the pharmacy. Every day the nervous system is heavily affected. Most often the stress is experienced by people with an active life position who do not have to sit still, they come in contact with a huge number of people.

Preparations based on plant components

If a person understands that his forces are leaving, it is necessary to think about taking soothing drugs. It is better to consult with the attending physician to prescribe effective therapy based on the patient’s history. For self-medication, you should choose preparations based on plant components. The following herbs may be present in the composition: melissa, mint, valeriana, deserter. They are most commonly found in herbal collections, teas and tinctures. Medicines are released at the pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription. Do not reduce performance, almost have no side effects. One can only talk about individual intolerance of individual components.

For a quick and effective recovery from stress, it is best to get a doctor’s recommendation.

A person leading an active lifestyle will not want to brew themselves fresh teas every time, make infusions at home, so sedatives can be bought in pills and take, according to the instructions. “Persen”, “Novopassit”, infusion of valeriana, “Cetrin” – these drugs are sold in the pharmacy, their composition includes only natural components.

Strong drugs In

severe stressful situations, it is necessary to take strong drugs. Here it is already necessary to talk about side actions from their reception, they are harmful to the body. Sleepiness, lethargy, blood pressure surges may appear. It is impossible to take strong drugs without control and recommendations of a doctor. It is important to observe the dosage and duration of the course. Due to improper intake, addictive medication may develop. The plus is their quick action. If the instruction is followed, the psychological health of a person soon comes to normal.

Antidepressants are a group of drugs that are widespread. People find in them salvation and normalization of the mental state.

There are drugs that have a double effect: soothe the irritated nervous system and normalize sleep. “Menovalene” refers to such drugs. It includes peppermint and valerian. According to customer reviews, convenient and application of the medicine. You don’t have to brew teas, just need to cover the capsule with a small amount of water.

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