How to beat runny nose in 3 days

1. Learn a simple rule. Runny nose is untreated! A runny nose is a protective response of the body, manifested most often in viral infections.

2. When a runny nose in the nose produces a huge amount of mucus (in common folk it is called nozzles), which, firstly, does not allow to penetrate the virus inside the body, secondly, contains antibodies against viruses.

3. Your main task is to do everything possible and impossible so that the mucous membranes of the nose do not dry, so that the nose produces as many substances that can overcome the virus. It’s not difficult to achieve that.

4. The temperature in the room should not be higher than 20-22 degrees, humidity not less than 50%. If strength and general state of the body allow, you need to breathe more fresh air (2-4 hours a day). You can use the balcony for these purposes.

5. Rinse your nose regularly with salt solutions (5-7 times a day). The solution can be prepared independently (1 teaspoon of table salt per 1 liter of water) or purchased at the pharmacy (aqualor, saline, etc.).

6. And the hardest rule to do. You can use vasoconstricting drops only in case of extreme need, when difficulty breathing is dangerous for your life or health. The fact is that these drops are primarily focused on allergic rhinitis, and their use in runny nose causes swelling of the mucous membranes of the nose. If you use such drops, runny nose and nasal congestion can persist for up to 2 weeks.

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