How to apply cedar oil

Cedar oil is golden yellow with a subtle nut-woody flavor. Such oil has a dense resinous consistency.

Useful properties of cedar oil

The biological value of cedar oil is determined by its rich formulations. There are minerals, amino acids, linoleic, oleic and linolenic fatty acids, vitamins E, A, B, F and other active components. So, in cedar oil, vitamin E is 5 times more than in olive oil. As you know, vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant: this element neutralizes oxidative processes in the body, which contributes to the elimination of cholesterol and rejuvenation. Due to the fact that the composition of cedar oil contains B vitamins, this product is recommended to be used to improve brain activity and normalize the functioning of the nervous system. As for vitamin P (it is responsible for updating skin cells, strengthening lactation and health of epithelium tissues), its concentration in cedar oil is much higher than in fish oil.

The only contraindication is individual intolerance of cedar oil.

Talk about the use of cedar oil can be endlessly: it is used in the treatment of skin and cold diseases, promotes Strengthening the body’s strength, increases physical endurance and employability. In addition, this oil is well established in the treatment of arthritis, gout, cystitis, joint rheumatism and even blood diseases. Also cedar oil should be consumed with early baldness, increased fragility of hair and those people who live in regions with adverse ecological conditions. It is also useful for the growing body: cedar oil has a beneficial effect on the physical and mental development of children.

Peculiarities of the use of cedar oil in folk medicine

For preventive purposes, pine nut oil is taken for 1 tsp twice-thrice a day half an hour before meals for 40-60 days. Taking a spoonful of healing fluid into the mouth, it is slowly sucked, as if diluting and thoroughly mixing with saliva.

Cedar oil is recommended once a week to apply to dry hair with split tips: as a result of such treatments, hair will acquire luxurious shine, become strong and healthy.

In case of stomach and duodenal ulcer, it is recommended to take 1 tsp of cedar oil in the morning half an hour before meals and in the evening 2 hours before dinner. This therapeutic course lasts 17-20 days. If necessary, after a ten-day break, treatment continues.

To cure atherosclerosis, within a month you should take 30 drops of cedar oil once a day (before meals). After taking a two-week break and continue treatment again until the desired result is reached.

It is thought that allergic diseases can be cured with cedar oil. It is recommended to use twice-thrice a day for 1 tsp. But with seasonal allergies (for example, allergic reaction to plant pollen) to start taking the healing product a month before possible relapse.

Also cedar oil will help cure skin diseases. The affected area of the face or body is lubricated with this medication twice daily for a month. The desired result will come faster if the procedure is combined with the intake of oil inward (it is drunk in the morning for 1 tsp before meals). In neurodermite, psoriasis and other skin diseases accompanied by itching, cedar oil is added to the bath. At the same time, the water temperature should be 1°C – 2°C less than the body temperature (10-13 drops of oil are taken per bath).

Effectively cedar oil and in the treatment of burns and frostbite. A sterile gauze bandage impregnated with healing oil is applied to the affected area of the body. Change of dressings is recommended once a day.

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