How the disabled live


Disabled people are different: someone deprived of some basic skills, such as visually disabled, someone can’t quite move, it’s paralyzed people. There are 3 disability groups that are assigned to a person due to impairment of body activity. Disabled people can be born with defects, sometimes they appear in the process of life, there can be many reasons for disability.


Every disabled person receives a pension. Today, it is a small amount of money allocated to sustaining life by the state. Comparatively with the old-age pension, the amount is significantly less. Without the financial support of relatives, it is very difficult to survive in Russia. But there are special homes for the disabled, where people who have nowhere to take support, as well as those who constantly require medical care.


Disability is not a sentence today. Sure, it all depends on the type of restrictions, but there are organizations that take people like this to work. They engage in simple manual labor, receive decent payment. And the state to enterprises for such actions provides tax incentives. Also disabled people can work at home, making some things, for example, knitting socks and other items can be a job.


There are schools for disabled children. Teachers specifically work on certain methods to fully adapt the person to modern life. Here the individual approach is welcome, work with psychologists is carried out. Children learn everything they teach in a regular school.


There are a large number of sports sections for the disabled. Even on a wheelchair, you can learn to play football or run long distances on prostheses. There is even a Para-Olympic Games for people with disabilities in the world.


In order to adapt people with disabilities, special apartments for the disabled are being created in cities, without thresholds, $ so that the person in the wheelchair doesn’t feel a problem. Also almost every store has ramps so you can get inside. Modern traffic lights are equipped with a beep for those who don’t see well. And public transport is available with special designs for the disabled person’s arrival inside.

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