How much does it cost to insert a tooth

Modern ways to replace teeth

Today there are many ways to get a new tooth. One of the highest quality is implantation. This method is operative and is embodied under anesthesia. The implant is used using a special screw into the jaw bone, and the crown is put on top. This method is recognized as the most durable and reliable: dentures are much stronger than real teeth.

There are two methods of prosthetics using ceramics. Metal-ceramic crown is quickly installed, differs naturalness and allows you to chew any food easily. Of the cons – short durability (shelf life of about 5-6 years) and injury of nearby teeth.

Metal-free ceramics will help avoid deformation of natural teeth. This method of prosthetics is quite new, but is already very popular. Due to this beautiful appearance of crowns, their lightness and high wear resistance.

There are also several types of prostheses that will replace the fared/removed tooth. Removable plastic substitutes are very popular. They are justified in the case of loss of teeth in the far part of the mouth. However, such a prosthesis is short-lived (4-6 months), requires constant cleaning and can be damaged by solid food. The

bridge-shaped prosthesis is attached to adjacent teeth with defect. This replacement is convenient, little-noticed and durable. However, real teeth acting as a prop require a rundown and can swing over time.

Do not worry about neighboring teeth and hardness of food allow bugel dentures. They have special “latches” that are attached in an invisible eye area. The only minus: they also require cleansing after eating.

Price issue of prosthetics

Every method of prosthetics has its price. It includes an implant (if necessary), a crown, a doctor’s work. This is why it is possible to give only an approximate answer how much it costs to insert a tooth

The most expensive ways are implanting and bugel prostheses. The cost of the first consists of an implant (in the area of 2000-30000 rubles.) and a crown (the price varies from the amount of material, on average, 10,000-15,000 rubles.). It turns out, inserting a tooth with implant will cost from 35 000 rubles. The price of the prosthesis depends on the method of attachment. Microlocks will cost from 36,000 rubles., telescopic crowns from 42 000 rubles.

Cheaper will cost a bridge-shaped prosthesis — from 10 000 to 15 000 rubles. About the same cost can be accommodated by choosing metal-free ceramics. Its price varies from the materials used. Just a ceramic crown will cost about 10 000 rubles. If you choose zirconium oxide or aluminum oxide, you will have to overpay about 5000 rubles or 8000 rubles respectively.

Comparatively cheap ways to insert a tooth is to choose metalceramics or removable prosthesis. The initial cost of the first option is about 5500 rubles. (matter+doctor’s job). Removable immediate prosthesis is offered at the price of 5000 rubles. But in this case you will have to split also on a temporary crown (from 1000 rubles.).

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