How many calories you need to consume per day to lose it

Different people’s organisms require different amounts of calories to function properly. By defining it, you will be able to not only control your weight, but gradually reduce it by eating fewer calories. Keep in mind that your individual need for life energy, which you fill by eating different foods, depends on several factors. These include the indicator of your personal metabolism, the level of physical activity the degree of absorption of food in your body.

Metabolic rate (POV) determines the amount of energy your body needs to maintain the vital process. According to calculations, about 60% of total consumption the body spends only to breathe, maintain constant heart temperature and heart rate, produce hormones. 20 calories are needed in terms of 1 kg of body weight. If your weight is 65 kg, then 1300 calories you need daily just for normal functioning. At the same time, every 10 years after 20, the estimated amount of calories is reduced by 2%.

Calorie consumption depends on the degree of physical activity. If you are living a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle, you need to increase the amount of calories calculated by PET by 20% to maintain it. If you get to work and back on foot or take daily evening walks, do housework, increase the number of calories you need by 30%. With moderate activity, when you are working hard at home or in the garden, increase the daily amount of calories calculated by POV by 40%, and with high physical activity by 50%.

Some of the calories entering the body are spent on digesting and digesting food. Their number is about 10% of the previous calculation. Calculate the total number of calories you need daily, taking into account POV, physical activity and 10% spent on digesting.

Calculate how many extra calories you scored. In 1 kg of fat, contain 9000 calories. If your weight is 10kg more than normal, you should get rid of 90000 calories. Define the deadline it will take to bring yourself to normal. Suppose it would be 1 year, or 365 days. Hence, every day you have to pick up from the estimated amount of 247 calories. Use these calculations to lose weight, and then keep yourself normal.

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