How easy and fast to lose weight at interval starving

Essence of interval fasting

 There are several options for interval fasting, but still the most commonly used 8/16. It is possible to eat food only in a food 8-hour “window”. The rest of 16 hours the body is provided with rest in the form of non-sugary drinks and water. Thus, active digestion and combustion of glycogen occurs. Which in turn leads to the reduction of the fat layer of the whole body. The food “window” everyone chooses individually, relying on their lifestyle. But the optimum time is from 11:00 to 19:00. After all, many people have enough coffee in the morning. And in the evening you can gather with family or friends at dinner and feel no remorse.

In addition, during the interval hunger strike, it is necessary to reduce the active physical load and balance the sleep regime. However, sports should not be excluded. Good for Pilates, yoga, swimming and walking.

The pros and cons of interval fasting


undeniable psychological plus will be that during the food “window” it is allowed to eat any foods. The main thing is not to exceed daily calorie intake 1500 — 1600 kcal. If you’re not used to having breakfast or lunch, then 16-hour fasting will pass relatively easily. In addition, this mode of nutrition splits not only subcutaneous fat, but also visceral. Accelerated metabolism is started, the volume of the stomach is reduced. After a while, the value of the food used increases, and you already approach it more consciously. Hence, without too much emotional shake-up, you can switch to a proper, balanced diet.

Disadvantages include such unpleasant sensations as dizziness, weakness, constipation, irritability. In this case, it is worth eating more pure non-carbonated water. After all, giving up food does not mean giving up water either. However, if symptoms do not pass, then interval fasting should be completed. Or switch to a more sparing mode of 10/14 for a time.

In any case, a doctor should be consulted before starting interval fasting.


Rhythm modern human makes adjustments to meals as well. There is not always an option to maintain a five-day power regimen. The same system is very flexible. It is easy to apply in practice, adjusting to daily routine and preferences. You get used to it very quickly, and the feeling of hunger disappears after a week.

At interval fasting weight will go away with small drops. But every day and independent of what you ate.

The first results on volumes are already visible in two weeks. Improves not only skin condition, but also general well-being.

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