How can you get rid of snor

The cause of snoring may be narrow nasal passages, congenital or acquired defect. In that case, you need to see a doctor. When smoking is constantly irritated and swelling of the larynx mucous, this can also be the cause of snoring. Excess weight and obesity when fat deposits squeeze the larynx. There may be a special anatomical structure of the larynx and palate, which also leads to snoring.

The best remedy for snoring is a small roller that needs to be placed under the neck. Or use a small elastic pillow, also placing it under the neck. You can also lift the headboard.

Special nasal dilators are also sold, which are inserted into the nose before bedtime. They do not let the larynx be weeded and the man sleeps quietly

In especially severe cases, you need to go to the doctor. Having passed the examination, you can accurately establish the cause of snoring and take radical measures to eliminate it.

To prevent snoring you need to do breathing gymnastics.

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