How can I cure the plane foot 3 stepene

Symptoms of platefoot 3 degree

platefoot is a disease prone to progression. If no action is taken, it will develop until it brings the patient to disability. Any degree of flatfoot should be treated immediately after its detection in order to suspend the development of the disease and reduce pain syndrome.

The main symptom in grade 3 flatfoot is pain. It has no clear localization. If in the initial stages of the disease patients are concerned with pain in the sole, in the knee joint, caviar muscles, in the third degree squamous foot also hurts the muscles of the hip, hip joints, lower back. Pain is permanent, does not stop after rest, leads to persistent disability. At the third degree of flatfoot, the deformation of the foot is pronounced, its vault is flattened, the foot itself is extended, the fingers are deformed. This makes it impossible to wear regular shoes, the patient is forced to order special orthopedic products.

The exacerbation of pain syndrome at the 3rd degree of squamous feet provokes even minimal physical activity.

Treatment of grade 3 squamous


Most cases of grade 3 flatfoot can only be cured with surgery. Some forms of this disease, even at this stage, can be treated through comprehensive prevention and manual therapy. Manual therapy is a key method used in flatfoot, but it should be used to ensure the maximum effect of restoring the shape of the foot and reducing the symptoms of the disease. along with other methods.

If the disease has gone to the point where walking is given with difficulty, surgery is inevitable. You can’t procrastinate with it, the sooner it is made, the more effective the result will be.

Foot massage should be supplemented with physiotherapy, daily therapeutic gymnastics, wearing orthopedic shoes, orthopedic insoles, supinators. Special diets will also benefit. Nutrition should include vitamins that contribute to the restoration of bone and cartilage tissue. It is necessary to exclude high-calorie foods from the diet, it will contribute to the loss of weight of the patient, and therefore, will reduce stress on the legs and pain. Restoration of the foot will be faster. Considering the possibility of applying these techniques, it is necessary to remember that the 3rd degree flatfoot is treated without surgery only in exceptional cases.

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